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“I started oil painting with a complimentary free lesson from Nicole at The Sticky Paintbrush Art Studio about six months ago. I haven’t painted in almost fifty years and now have six paintings in the works. Nicole is an excellent teacher and extremely patient. Nicole has the ability to get you up and painting in just one lesson with easy to understand basics and simple techniques. I’m having more fun than I ever thought possible exploring my creative side again. I strongly recommend Nicole and The Sticky Paintbrush to anyone who wants to learn oil painting.”

Harry John Kerker

“This studio is simply amazing. Nicole is such a gracious teacher and instructor. Her calm permeates every lesson and she takes so much time to explain and direct each student. You feel almost like every class is a private lesson. Her love of art shines through a variety of mediums, but most of all it is her passion for bringing her knowledge to those around her that makes the space so special.”

Michal Grinwald